What is telematics?

In this blog we’ll be talking more about the new phenomenon that is telematics: what is it and how might you benefit from it as a new driver?

How it works

Telematics involves having a little ‘black box’ fitted into your car. This device then measures your driving performance in real time and feeds back to the insurer’s systems. The box assesses behaviour such as how quickly you brake, your level of acceleration, how you overtake other drivers, etc. This information then can take a view on how safely and efficiently you have been driving.

Based on your performance you will either be rewarded with cheaper insurance for being a ‘good driver’ or alternatively you may more if you have shown reckless or dangerous driving.

Is it free?

The consensus is that telematic boxes are generally free and fitted as part of your insurance arrangement with your insurer. Essentially the insurer will have costed the installation within your insurance premium, however there will be no separate charge for this and the insurer will organise the fitting of the black box on your behalf.

Is it expensive?

Telematics is normally more expensive than a normal insurance policy at the outset. At this time, no information is captured on your driving performance so certain assumptions are made. Over time, as the data accumulates, this is when a change will start to take place and you may find your insurance is not only cheaper but less than you would be paying with a regular policy.

Which type of drivers will it benefit?

Drivers who pay the highest insurance premiums will benefit the most if they can show safe and sensible driving. Therefore young drivers, drivers with an adverse claims history, previous convictions, etc, may benefit the most. Arguably there may be very little benefit for more established drivers with a clean driving record and plenty of no claims bonus (NCB).

What we do

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