Short insurance to release an impound van

What is impounded van insurance?

Impounded van insurance is a special kind of policy designed to release vehicles from a police pound. It can be possible to acquire an annual policy – and we do indeed have this available – but very often the simplest solution is to obtain a short term policy giving you enough time to retrieve your seized van at the lowest cost.

Being third party fire and theft, 30 day policies are the cheapest solution to getting your van back. They are a quick fix and short term solution. Longer term you need to decide whether you swap to an annual policy or whether to sell, SORN or scrap your van. With the new Continous Insurance Enforcement activities the police very often catch out uninsured drivers, so it’s essential long-term you have an insurance solution in place.

Annual impounded van insurance policies

If you opt for a monthly policy to give you the temporary insurance you need to retrieve your seized van, don’t worry, you can always contact us at a later date and we can upgrade your policy to a yearly one. If you choose this it could be with a higher level of cover so that you’re fully comprehensive and have insurance extensions such as legal fees, breakdown and driving other vans.

The disadvantage with temporary, short term impounded van insurance policies is that they’re only third pary or third party fire and theft. Meaning if you have a claim, and you’re at fault, then only the other driver (or property is covered) – but not you, your injuries and car damage would not be covered. That’s why you should seriously consider annual comprehensive insurance.

How to release your seized van from the impound

Once you select an impounded van policy, we’ll send you (post or email) a covernote proving that you’re insured. We’ll also add your details to the Motor Insurance Database so the police can check and see that you’re insured. Along with the covernote you’ll need to take your seizure notice to the police station.

The seizure notice usually asks that you also take along your driving licence, proof of ownership and a utility bill to the police station. Once the police have done the relevant checks (including calling us if necessary) you will have your notice stamped and you can collect your van from the compound.

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