Releasing a seized van

If you’re looking to release a seized van asap, the first thing you need to do is read our informative guide.

If you’re in a rush we’ll summarise the steps here:

1. Buy seized van insurance. Seized van insurance is special insurance that covers vans that have been impounded. Not many insurers (only two last time we checked) can cover a seized van, so if you don’t know who to contact you can spend a lot of time and money ringing round different insurers. Here at we have special contacts with leading insurers you can get cheap and flexible policies to suit your needs.

2. Take your seized van insurance, and other documents listed on your seizure notice, to the police station. If you have the correct documents, the police will stamp your seizure notice and you can then collect your seized van from the police pound.

3. Once at the police pound, you will have to pay off any charges for the storage of your van. This can run into the hundreds of pounds, so make sure you have plenty of cash on you so you don’t delay the vehicle’s release.

4. The impound’s management will release your van and you are free to drive off with it back in your ownership.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY: the police only has to give you 7 days to provide the correct documents at the police station; then another 7 to retrieve the van from the police compound. If you fail to do this within the timescales, then the police can legally dispose of your van by selling it at auction or scrapping it. And guess what? You will get none of the proceeds….so act fast! Act right now!!