Motor insurance bureau helping to seize cars

Motor Insurance Bureau helping to seize cars

The MIB is a not for profit body funded by the insurance industry, and ultimately the insurance policies of all drivers. It acts as a financial safety net for innocent motorists involved in accidents when the perpetrators are uninsured or can’t be traced.

Police forces use the MIBs database to check whether vehicles are recorded as having insurance. The MIB also operates a call centre for police officers to check additional details. Around one in three vehicles which are seized by police involve a call being made to the MIB call centre.

Seized vehicles which are not claimed within a fortnight end up being crushed. Around 30% to 40% of seized vehicles end up being crushed. If an uninsured driver injures someone, the MIB is entitled to recover any payments made to the victims as well as any claim costs.

The growing number of vehicles being seized follows steps the MIB has taken to work more closely with police forces, as well as the launch of a new awareness drive called gone in seconds. An online video at has been viewed more than 800,000 times.