Impounded Van Insurance

In this blog entry we’re going to tell you a bit more about impounded van insurance and what it covers.

What is impounded van insurance?

Impounded van insurance is insurance that is specifically designed to release a seized van. It comes in different forms, for example you can get a third party only policy covering your van for 30 days, or you can look to get an annual policy which has fully comprehensive cover. These types of policies covering impounded vans are very rare and are only provided by a couple of insurers nationwide.

I have convictions will they still cover me?

Yes. Many people looking for impounded van insurance, will have had their car seized for driving uninsured. When this happens, the police give the driver an IN10 motor conviction, which usually equates to six penalty points. Our insurers are aware of this and will still be able to cover you with an IN10; or even another serious motor conviction such as DR10, DD10 or TT99.

Where do I find impounded van insurance?

You can spend a lot of wasted hours by visiting comparison sites and calling high street insurance companies. But the truth is, these types of companies shy away from high risk insurance customers who’ve had their vehicles seized and impounded. We think differently and believe people can learn from their mistakes and don’t pose as big as a risk and some insurers make out. We put you in touch with insurers who take a sympathetic view and can get you the best deals on insurance for seized vans.

Do I need anything else to retrieve my van?

Yes – once your van has been seized, you will be issued with a seizure notice. This will detail what is needed in addition to insurance. Typically you will need to take your covernote of insurance, identity, driving licence and proof of ownership to the police pound. Having checked databases, if your details are correct, the police will stamp your seizure notice allowing you to collect your van from the impound.

Can you help with insurance for an impounded car?

Yes, whatever your motor vehicle is – get in touch! We specialise in insurance for vans, but we can also help with cars too. At the very least, we can give you friendly, impartial advice that will help you get your vehicle back.