How To Release A Vehicle

If your van has been seized and impounded, you may be wondering what you need to do to get it back. This guide will break down into simple steps:

1. If your van has been seized, the police will give you what’s called a ‘seizure notice’. This is basically a legal document stating that your van is in the possession of the police and won’t be released until you provide the correct documentation. You can’t do anything without a seizure notice so if you don’t have this for any reason, contact your local police station with reference to your van being seized.

2. Now that you have your seizure notice, check what documents are needed by the police to ensure its release. The process is always changing but typically this will include your driving licence, proof of ownership (this will be a slip handed to you taken from a DVLA form) and seized van insurance.

3. You will need specific insurance that covers seized vans, known as seized van insurance (also known as impounded van insurance). This can be very difficult to find since only a handful of insurers across the country will cover a seized van. Here at we’ve arranged special rates with experts in seized van insurance; so follow the ‘get quote’ link above or call the number to get insured today. Make sure you get a covernote emailed so that you can take it to the police impound asap.

4. Now you have seized van insurance, get your other documents together that are listed on the seizure notice. You will then need to take these to the police station listed on the notice. If you cannot find this, you can contact TRACE – the vehicle tracing service – on 0845 206 8602 who operates 24/7, 365. By using your registration number, they can check their database to see where your van is located.

5. When you present your documents, including seized van insurance, the police station staff with check the relevant national databases to ensure everything is in order. This will include the Motor Insurance Database (MID), which has a list of all the insurance policies in place; they will also check the Police National Computer. Just to double check you have proper insurance in place, the station may call up your seized van insurer to speak with them. This is a vary standard process, and the insurer’s staff will be happy to oblige and confirm your insurance details.

6. If your details are correct, the police station staff will stamp your document so you can take it to the police compound and retrieve your seized van.

7. Take your stamped seizure notice, along with at least several hundred pounds in cash, to the police compound where your van is kept. The pound’s owners will release your van once you pay off the charges for keeping your van in the secure unit.

8. Your impounded van will be released to you and you can drive away with the van back in your ownership.

9. Now you have your van back, make sure you keep valid insurance in place, since there’s always a risk the same could happen again. The police is getting more and more sophisticated at catching uninsured drivers; if it happens more than once, you may have so many IN10s – uninsured driving conviction – it will make insurance even more expensive and difficult to obtain.

10. If you have any remaining questions on how to release a seized van, you can check out our FAQ’s page or contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll do our best to help!