DR10 Van Insurance

Here at Seizedvaninsurance.co.uk we not only help drivers whose vans have been impounded, but we can also help find you find cheap convicted van insurance if you have been caught drink driving. We believe people deserve second chances, that’s why we can help find drivers looking to become reformed cheaper van insurance. If you have the following convictions contact us today.

Drink driving van convictions

  • DR10 (Driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol)
  • DR20 or DR80 (Drive or attempt to drive a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs)
  • DR50 or DR90 (In charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs)
  • DR40 (In charge of vehicle with excess alcohol)
  • DR30 (Fail to provide specimen for analysis while driving or attempting to drive a vehice)
  • DR60 (Fail to provide specimen for analysis while in charge of a vehicle)
  • DR70 (Fail to co-operate with preliminary roadside breath test)

What is DR10 Van Insurance?

DR10 van insurance or convicted driver van insurance is insurance specifically catered for drivers with serious motor convictions. Very few insurers across the country are prepared to offer low cost insurance for drivers like this and often penalise them with ridiculously expensive premiums.

Here at Seized Van, we take a sympathetic view and will put you in touch with insurers who we know can help and will reward you with cheaper van insurance the longer you go without making another mistake. DR10 van insurance is very difficult to find on comparison sites or through high street brokers, so contact us today and we’ll get you specialist insurance help!

What we do

Our role is helping drivers who have an adverse driving record, find affordable van insurance. Through our experience, we’ve found there is a lack of informative sites out there helping drivers with drink driving and other convictions who wish to become reformed get fair-priced insurance. Our website is full of useful guides, tip and advise on how to get the best value van insurance.

If you need any direct help, you can contact us by email, phone or social media – check out our contact us page. For dr10 car insurance follow this link.

Releasing a seized car

As well as finding cheap convicted driver van insurance (particularly dr10 van insurance), we can also help you release a seized van. Our policies come in both short term and annual forms. Depending on your needs you can take out a monthly policy with no longer term commitment, in order to get your van our of the police impound as soon as possible. If you want fully comprehensive insurance with longer term insurance, we have other policies on offer as well.