CU80 Van Insurance

What is a CU80?

A CU80 is basically given to drivers who don’t appear to be in control of their van. This could be because they’re not holding the wheel properly or are eating/drinking at the same time…more often than not it’s due to using a mobile phone.

A CU80 carries three penalty points and stays on the licence for four years. The conviction must be disclosed until it’s spent otherwise your insurer may either cancel your policy, charge you a huge amount to keep it running or if you’ve had claims, potentially reject them.

Although traditionally a CU80 wasn’t perceived to be a more serious motor conviction, times have changed recently with van insurers. More and more drivers who use their mobile phones whilst driving their vans are having accidents and it’s making van insurers think twice before insuring someone with a CU80 van conviction.

Unfortunately this means insurance can be very difficult to obtain with a CU80 and if you do find it, very expensive.

Finding cheap CU80 van insurance

Here at we not only specialise in releasing vans from the police pound but we also have specialist CU80 policies that mean you can get hold of an extremely competitive insurance premium. We do all the hard work for you – leave your details and we’ll contact our specialist insurers to make sure we get you the best rates.

In addition to CU80, we can find insurance for other convicted driver offences such as drink driving, uninsured driving, reckless/dangerous driving and previous bans/disqualifications. If you’re looking for insurance to release an impounded car try our sister site.