Cheap in10 Van Insurance

Get cheap uninsured driver van insurance today!

Here at we don’t only help with seized van insurance but we can also help if you have motor convictions too. So whether you have an in10, dr10 or tt99 we’re here to help. IN10 car insurance is needed if you’ve had your car seized for uninsured driving and need insurance in order to get it back. We can help with the following scenarios:

  • IN10 (using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks)
  • TT99 (disqualified under totting up procedure)
  • Previous bands and disqualification
  • Seized and impounded vehicles
  • Cars, bikes, vans and taxis

Finding cheap in10 van insurance

Getting hold of cheap uninsured driver van insurance can be very difficult, since most insurers treat such drivers as a much higher risk. They don’t take into account that drivers can learn from their mistakes and simply try to squeeze out as much money as they can. You will find this is the case with most high street, common insurance brands.

Here at Seized Van, we give you another option. We put you in touch with insurers who have a proven record in offering low cost affordable insurance for in10 motor convictions and seized vehicles. Our in10 van insurance policies come in either short term form for 30 days or annual policies that are fully comprehensive in cover.

Comparison sites are useless for uninsured drivers

Comparison sites can be great for standard insurance convictions where the driver’s record has no blemishes and plenty of no claims bonus. Although once you introduce a motor conviction or two – particularly an in10 uninsured driver conviction – you will find very few insurers quote, those who do are very very expensive. Put simply, don’t waste your time and money! Contact us today and see how much we can save you on your in10 van insurance.

What we do

We set this site up since we found there is a completel lack of informative and useful sites out there for drivers with motor convictions and seized vehicles. There are many drivers out there who have learnt from making a bad mistake and deserve the opportunity to get back on the road safely at a sensible price. That’s why we give you tips, advise and information on how to get your insurance cheaper and find low cost uninsured driver insurance.

We can also help you find seized van insurance policies if your vehicle has been to a police pound. These forms come in a variety of forms so we can find you the best cover to suit your needs. Also see how we can help with the following in10 car insurance, dr10 car insurance and dr10 van insurance.