Here at seizedvaninsurance.co.uk we are your one stop shop for finding insurance for seized vehicles. Very few insurers can cover seized cars; so you’ll find it refreshing that, not only can we find you great deals, but we can also talk you through the process of releasing your van.

We can offer either short term policies for 30 days to ensure the release of your seized van, or alternatively annual ones. These policies can be bought quickly, with a covernote emailed to you so can get straight down to the police station to release your impounded van. Our FAQ’s page and How to Release a Vehicle guide will walk you through the steps to get your car back. If you still need help you can contact us via social media, phone or email.

As well as seized van insurance, our daily news blog will keep you updated of issues affecting seized vans. Processes are always changing for how and why vehicles are seized, as well as the technology. Every day we scour the web to bring you the latest stories so that when you visit our site you’re fully informed!