Looking for cheap seized van insurance?

If you’ve had your van seized and impounded by the police you will need special insurance in order to get it back and released from the police pound. Seized van insurance is your answer and insures your vehicle so that you can take a covernote to the police station and retrieve your seized van.

Seized van insurance, also known as impounded van insurance, comes in two forms either short term policies for 30 days or fully comprehensive annual policies. Which one you need depends on your plans for the vehicle. For instance, if you will sell the vehicle shortly having retrieved it from the police impound, then perhaps short term, temporary impounded van insurance will make more sense since it’s cheaper. If you’re going to remain on the road, then you really ought to go for annual since you have peace of mind of ongoing cover, as well as better cover.

What we do

Here at seizedvaninsurance.co.uk we know all about having your vehicle seized…the time, cost and hassle in getting it released. What’s worse, is if it hasn’t happened to you before you may be lost in what to do next. Our website is designed to make life easier for you and advise you on the steps to release a seized vehicle from a police compound. Our FAQ’s section details common questions we have been asked surrounding why vehicles are seized and what’s needed to get them back.

The hardest part about the release of a seized van is getting cheap impounded van insurance. Most insurers and brokers won’t cover seized vehicles since they believe this poses too much of an insurance risk. You can spend hours upon hours, days upon days, to find that almost all insurers won’t cover you. Of all the insurers nationwide, only about 2 or 3 insurers offer impounded van insurance. That’s why at seizedvaninsurance.co.uk, we’ve arranged special rates for our customers where you can get the cheapest, most flexible seized van policies. To get a quote contact us on the link above or call the number at the top of the page.

Why are vehicles seized?

Due to section 165a of the Road Traffic Act 1998, the police has the power to seize and transport a car or van to a police pound if the driver is not able to demonstrate insurance is in place. In recent years these powers have been extended so that police can seize a vehicle at roadside. This has come about due to the development of technology where the police can check on a database whether the vehicle registration has insurance in place – known as the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

Once seized, the driver is issued with a seizure notice which is a legal document declaring that the van or car is now in police custody and lists what needs to be done to get the vehicle back. As well as seized van insurance, this normally includes proof of ownership, your driving licence and cash to pay off the police impound charges.

Whatever you do, make sure you act fast. The police only has to give you seven days to produce the correct documents. After this you are given a further 7 days to collect the seized vehicle before the police can order the vehicle to be disposed of by either selling or scrapping it. Once this happens, the original owner will receive none of the proceeds.

So don’t waste anymore time, call us today or follow this link to get cheap impounded van insurance.


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